About Us


“Buy Now” is the only online business-centric platform in Bangladesh that launched in 2021 to make it easier and more automated for online businesses and to provide a better customer buying experience online.

Merchants will be able to enjoy all the benefits that are required for conducting their online business from our platform. Considering the busyness of traders and various obstacles in conducting business, “Buy Now“ provides a platform for its traders to enable them to make their business easier and automated. At the same time, it ensures that the customers can safely receive their purchased products within the stipulated time. “Buy Now“ is committed to guaranteeing both the seller and customers goods and money.

“Buy Now“ offers all the benefits that are needed to run a business online, as well as reassuring the buyer.
After selling the goods from “Buy Now“, the seller can easily deliver the goods from the same place to the whole country through the best courier in the country that is contracted with us, so that the buyer from any part of the country can buy the goods from “Buy Now“.To make the business of our vendors scalable, all transactions are done through banks where our partner is the leading bank in the country, which helps to bring all the big and small merchants, under banking services. The seller will be able to offer his buyer all the benefits of payment including cash on delivery, online banking, and mobile banking from “Buy Now“. At the same time, buyers can choose the medium of their choice to pay the price of the purchased product.


Our main aim is to ensure that small entrepreneurs can get everything they need for their business from one place. This will reduce both time and stress for the entrepreneurs, allowing them to focus more on growing their business. Currently, entrepreneurs are facing various problems due to receiving the services required for business from different places, as well as failing to ensure the necessary services. It is our aim to ensure all the services required for business at one place by solving all these problems.

Our Vision

“Buy Now“ dreams of the day when all the small entrepreneurs in the country who are out of banking services will be covered by banking services. We are working to make every small entrepreneur in the country may include in the digital economy. We want to highlight the contribution of small entrepreneurs to the country's economy. To bring everyone in the country under a cashless society where every entrepreneur in the country will receive his payments digitally and every people in the country will buy any of his products through digital transactions where everyone's hard-earned money will be protected. And “Buy Now“ will work tirelessly to ensure this money transaction.

Our Services:

We facilitate our entrepreneurs to enjoy the following services from one place.

  • Link Based Reader and Payment Collection
  • Detailed payment history
  • Automated Courier Service
  • Create Customer Profile
  • Create Customer Profile
  • Create Transaction Profile
  • Easy loan arrangement
  • Radar management
  • Payment Gateway

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